package 1 – ADVICE

Although our £75 package is our basic package, it’s far from basic.

Charged at £75 per room, the main feature of this design package is what we call ‘The Furniture List’. This is a presentation  made up of an array of items. These items are your Star & Lux designer’s recommended items for you to buy for your chosen room.

Not only do we suggest what to buy, but where to buy them, their price and their spec, we also included direct links to the retailer.

We include a personalised mood board in your design. Like a scrap book page, it displays all the items your designer has chosen for you. This allows you to see all your suggested items as a collection and is such a powerful tool for you to imagine what your space could look like.

Laminate? Engineered Wood? Carpet? Tiles? Too many decisions. So that’s why this package gives you suggestions on what to opt for.

Once we’ve assigned you to your designer, we give you their email address so you can hassle them as much as you want. We want you to know that your designer is by your side for every step of the process.